​​Maka Hiki is an urban oasis that transports guests to a tropical escape in the quaint neighbourhood of Tai Hang.

Hong Kong restaurateur Maxence Traverse, known for his revitalised ‘tiki chic’ concept, introduces his first bar & grill, inspired by island experiences inclusive of the Caribbean and Polynesia, as well as the most beautiful beach towns and sanctuaries within the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia. Serving up a delicious range of fresh, and flavour packed dishes and cocktails, Maka Hiki transforms from a wellness haven by day to the city’s hottest restaurant and cocktail bar by night, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Maka Hiki Tropical Bar & Grill (Maka Hiki) welcomes guests that are seeking a fun tropical getaway from the city. Proud to introduce his first bar & grill nestled in the charming, up-and-coming Tai Hang district is renowned Hong Kong restaurateur Maxence Traverse. Drawing from his own island experiences, he hopes to transport all of Maka Hiki’s guests to their very own urban paradise flowing with delicious drinks, exotic eats, and good vibes the second they step through the door.

The restaurant’s warm timber and bamboo interior and bar, highlighted by bursts of verdant patterns and hues, serves well in creating a space that ensures everyone can find the rejuvenating escape they are looking for. Maka Hiki is capable of transforming from a cool and inspiring wellness haven for early risers and fitness fanatics, to a fresh and invigorating bar & grill experience for foodies and socialisers. Guests must also be sure to share some bites and enjoy a drink with friends on one of the two lush outdoor terrace areas and immerse themselves in a wonderfully green oasis that further demonstrates the entire space’s capabilities.

An expert at coming up with tasty and inventive cocktail menus for audiences across the globe, Max Traverse now expands his creative influence to food menus, bringing Tiki cuisine to fruition in Maka Hiki’s very own jungle kitchen with the help of seasoned Chef Consultant Russell Doctrove.

All of the restaurant’s flavourful dishes are inspired by the world’s tropical islands located in the Caribbean, Polynesia, Indian Ocean, and Southeast Asia. Guests start their tropical island getaway with a selection of sharable bold and tasty appetisers to set the tone, such as the sweet and sour Mauritian Tamarind, Mango and Pineapple Salad embellished with chili salt, toasted coconut and fresh mango. Other starters that shouldn’t be missed are the Spicy Beef Salad made with perfectly seared Australian tenderloin, the light and refreshing Salmon Crudo drizzled in yoghurt and a yuzu chili dressing, and the melt-in-your-mouth Hawaiian Poke Tuna.

The island-inspired culinary journey continues with Maka Hiki’s main dishes which are all perfect for sharing and set to surprise and delight everyone’s taste-buds. Those with more adventurous palettes will be wowed by the Grilled Mahi Mahi curry garnished with coconut cream, chili oil, and crispy shallots that add a bit of crunch. The ‘Seychelles’ King Prawns – inspired by the island country Seychelles, which used to be the land of the pirate – are wickedly tasty, coated in a homemade ‘massale’ spice. Other main showstoppers include the tender grilled Lombok Baby Chicken which is caramelised to perfection, and the 48-hour Slow Cooked Beef Rib which comes to life with a tamarind jaew BBQ sauce and is suitable for up to four people.

Maka Hiki dinner
Maka Hiki Punch

Those with a sweet tooth are in for a treat with a creamy coconut milk Rice Pudding to round off the meal, or the sticky-sweet Homemade Rhum Baba infused with Rhum Clement Selected Barrel.

No visit to Maka Hiki is complete without trying one of its many signature cocktails. The rum-based Maka Hiki Punch literally packs a punch with its tart maraschino liqueur, grapefruit, and lemon undertones. The playful tequila-based Tik Tok Tiki will have guests up and dancing in no time with its Thai red chili kick. Other standouts are the Bikini Girl which is a fruity blend of Casamigos Blanco Tequila, lychee and rose puree, cucumber, and cranberry juice; and the Dum Dum Give Me Rum Rum! which samples four different types of rum. All cocktails are beautifully garnished and served in quirky, authentic tiki glasses which are sure to make guests smile. Guests that want all the taste without the kick can simply switch the rum in cocktails for Lyre’s, a premium non-alcoholic spirit.

In addition, Maka Hiki proudly partners with ecoSPIRITS to reduce their carbon impact. Look out for the eS icon on the menu to order a drink that saves an average of 150g of emissions per serve.

As part of its wellness element, Maka Hiki provides lunch options for health-conscious diners, who will relish the choice of nourishing Poke Bowls – a classic Hawaiian dish – brimming with mouthwatering, bite-sized ingredients served on a bed of pearl rice.

Join Maka Hiki to celebrate its Hawaiian namesake new beginning’. The venue is open for all-day dining, and cocktails to be enjoyed in its alternate urban oasis.